Our Mission:

BFS agencies strive to help clients reach their full potential by providing an array of adult, youth, and family-driven solutions, including home-based treatment, residential treatment, community-based family support, mentoring, residential respite, targeted case management, academic support, family therapy, transitional living, shared-living, and other therapeutic interventions. Our culturally sensitive, evidence-based treatment services ensure that each client has the support necessary to overcome challenges.


Company programs serve clients across New England and offer targeted services that address a variety of disorders and pathologies, including:

  • OCD/Anxiety

  • Behavior and Conduct Issues

  • Attachment Disorders and History of Trauma

  • PTSD

  • Mood Disorders Including Bipolar Disorder

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Developmental Disabilities

  • History of Institutional Placement

Our History:
The Becket Family of Services is an alliance of nonprofit agencies founded in 1964 by Marine Sergeant John J. Wolter Ed. D., with the goal of helping struggling adolescents find a “zest for life" and succeed in the “business of life.” Inspired by Dr. Wolter’s pragmatic and comprehensive vision, Becket has evolved to serve a range of youth and adults in various settings throughout central and northern New England. Our programs and services include home and community based treatment and support, residential treatment programs, group homes, and special education schools. Becket is known for its ability to achieve successful outcomes with difficult-to-serve individuals.
​Becket is a proud supporter of the Building Bridges Initiative and is guided by the Joint Resolution to Advance a Statement of Shared Core Principles. As an important stakeholder in the system of care, we seek to “advance partnerships amongst residential and community based service providers and the individuals and families we serve." We begin this process by creating an individualized plan for each individual we serve which focuses not only on the care and support we will provide, but also on the transitions that occur during and following their experiences with Becket. 
The Building Bridges Initiative is a national endeavor to promote practice and policy that will create strong partnerships between families, youth, and community. Our members proudly support BBI and are mutually guided by its Joint Resolution to Advance a Statement of Shared Core Principles.