The Building Bridges Initiative is a national endeavor to promote practice and policy that will create strong partnerships between families, youth, and community. Our members proudly support BBI and are mutually guided by its Joint Resolution to Advance a Statement of Shared Core Principles.

Mount Prospect Academy (MPA) offers a 220 day academic program and 365 day intensive residential program. We serve 85 male students who range from 11 to 21 years old.


Our students have been identified for intensive residential placement and in-home social services. MPA students can be clinically identified as emotionally handicapped, learning disabled, autistic, or other health impaired. We also serve students with psychiatric and judicial issues. MPA has developed an expert understanding of this difficult-to-serve population's needs. Our programs regularly receive students from the care of their families, New Hampshire's Division of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF), The Sununu Youth Services Center, and intermediate carefacilities such as the Nashua Children's Home, the Dover Children's Home, the Webster House, and the Orion House. 

MPA's mission is to provide a caring, safe therapeutic environment where students have the opportunity grow and acquire the skills they need to reach their educational and social potential. We aim to develop trusting relationships with students and facilitate experiences that promote their ability to self-regulate; manage thoughts and feelings; and develop feelings of safety, confidence, and competency. 

Mount Prospect Academy Programs: