Program Description
The primary focus of Becket’s Adult programs in New Hampshire is in fostering the clients’ ability to become autonomous, competent, and connected with others across all areas of their functioning. 
Becket has long utilized a holistic approach to services with a clinician, BCBA and RN embedded into the programs.  The clinician utilizes Good Lives Model, Trauma Informed Care, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, FIP-MO, Skills System, and Feedback-Informed Treatment. 
Becket Adult ITS residential programs serve individuals aged 21 years old and over who have been identified as high risk-high need.  Typically, these individuals have experienced considerable adversity and traumatic experiences in their lives.  The individuals we serve have challenging behaviors including problematic sexual behaviors, forensic involvement, fire setting behaviors, and situational aggressive behaviors towards others and/or property. 
Currently Becket operates four ITS (Intensive Treatment Services) programs each with a special focus.  There are two programs in Madison, NH: one three bed program for females with personality disorders and one three bed program for males with ASD.  There are two programs in Bethlehem, NH; one six bed program for males with problematic sexual behaviors and one three bed program which has state of the art environmental modifications specifically to work with men with fire setting behaviors. 
Each program challenges and assists each individual to become more productive and active members of their community. Becket offers onsite services and supports provided by highly trained staff. This includes an array of services to enhance the quality of life for each person served. Individualized clinical and behavioral treatment; counseling services; independent living skill development; vocational/educational skill development; and relationship-oriented coaching, mentoring, and teaching are the staples offered at this program. Further, staff-facilitated groups emphasizing self-care and social skills serve as a platform for our more specialized treatment services. 
Meet The Team

Lisa D’Innocenzo is the Executive Director of Becket-Adult Services of MA and NH.  Lisa is a native of Leominster, MA.  She graduated as a Finance Specialist from Fort Ben Harrison, Indiana, where she served in the Army.  In 1992, after working for an accounting firm, Lisa transitioned to a career in Human Services at Matson Community Services.  In 1998, she joined Community Resources for Justice, where she served as Assistant Director and Human Rights Coordinator responsible for the oversight of nine complex residential facilities.   In January 2012, Lisa joined the Becket Family of Services.  She provided oversight to the eight-bed female youth program in Auburn, ME.  Lisa then co-founded Becket-MA Adult Services and opened the first adult program in Winchendon in October 2012.  In 2015, Lisa became Executive Director of the Becket Adult NH programs.  In October 2016, she led the NH team to receive Community Crossroads Provider of the Year award. 

Executive Director

Lisa D’Innocenzo


David serves as Clinician for Adult Residential Programs at Becket’s Madison and Bethlehem facilities.  Born and raised on long Island NY, David earned his Master’s Degree in Social Work From Stony Brook University. His love for the outdoors; fly fishing, skiing and hiking brought him to Northern Hew Hampshire, where he pursued a career supporting individuals who are on the Autism spectrum. David enjoys helping Becket clients improve resiliency skills and develop creative and constructive ways to express themselves.

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David Schwartz

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Kari has over 22 years’ experience working in the mental health field. As Regional Director, Kari supported the development of, and now oversees, Becket’s intensive treatment residential programs for adults in New Hampshire. Since joining Becket in January 2017, Kari has been actively engaged in ensuring standards of service remain at the quality level that meets state and agency guidelines. Before joining Becket, Kari served for 20 years as an Operations Director in Los Angeles, CA, where she worked to advance the quality of services in L.A. County for children/adolescents with history of trauma, substance use, gang affiliation, problem sexual behaviors, and family domestic violence. Kari also served as Board Co-Chair for the L.A. County Department of Mental Health Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance Committee. She attended California State University at Long Beach.

Regional Director

Kari Thompson

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