Becket Adult Women’s ITS Program Moves to Conway, NH

Becket Family of Services is proud to announce the move of their ITS women’s program from Madison, NH to Conway, NH. This ITS program serves three women who have experienced complex trauma and other forms of developmental adversity. It utilizes highly trained staff with a full range of evidenced based practices.

This magnificent home is just over 3,700 sq. ft. and it sits overlooking the majestic Mount Washington range just outside bustling Conway Village. On a small knoll off Tasker Hill Road the home is situated on almost 3 acres of land and boasts an expansive lawn, handsome patio and spacious deck with plenty of room for the women to socialize and entertain. The home is also equipped with chicken coops and a pen for goats. The program recently acquired 6 chicks and 2 ducklings, and the women will be raising and caring for them. The women have also attended classes on how to raise and care for goats and we will be acquiring two goats in the near future.

The home also serves as a regional office for Becket Adult NH ITS programs which includes two small office and training-conference room.

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