Becket To Acquire LifeShare Management Group Programs

Jay Wolter, President, announced today that Becket Academy, Inc. has reached an agreement to acquire the community living programs of LifeShare Management Group in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Florida. LifeShare provides home and community-based services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as children in the child welfare system.

Jennifer Cordaro, M.Ed., Executive Director of Becket Adult Services, will oversee the integration of the LifeShare programs. Ms. Cordaro is already familiar with the LifeShare programs. She previously served for 15 years as the Senior Vice President of Operations for LifeShare, where she oversaw the expansion of community based residential, shared living and acquired brain injury services. Ms. Cordaro will oversee the delivery of services currently rendered by LifeShare, as well as other related services already being provided by Becket. Under the terms of the agreement, the operations of LifeShare will be merged into Becket once appropriate state licenses and stakeholder consents have been obtained. Becket will not be retaining the trade name "LifeShare" and future services will be rendered through the Becket Adult Services division of Becket Academy, Inc.

Becket is committed to ensuring the continuity of care for individuals currently served by LifeShare. Becket has agreed to retain the majority of LifeShare's contracted providers and employees, together with LifeShare's regional management team. This will ensure individuals served by LifeShare will continue current services with existing providers through transition.

Becket looks forward to growing together with former LifeShare programs to implement our mission to "create opportunities for individuals to live better lives through inspired professionals who are supported and trusted to be a compassionate and creative team."

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