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Staffed Residential Services 





Becket Massachusetts Adult Staffed Residential Services operate more than 17 different residential programs in the state with the goal to fill the gap in the service delivery system by providing supports to individuals with significantly challenging behaviors. These can be related to Autism Spectrum Disorders, mental health disorders, intellectual and developmental disorders, and problem sexual behaviors. Becket relies on evidenced-based theories of intervention including Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior Supports, the Good Lives Model, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Trauma Informed Care.

Our programs are clustered in three distinct regions of the state:

Southeast, North Central and West.


  • Southeast: Lakeville, Freetown, Bourne, New Bedford, Sagamore Beach and Attleboro. 

  • West: Agawam, Southwick, Westfield, and Leicester.

  • North Central: Ashburnham, Clearview, Fitchburg, Westminster, Leominster, Winchendon, and Templeton.

New Hampshire



Becket Adult Intensive Treatment Services (ITS) residential programs serve individuals aged 21 years old and over who have been identified as high risk-high need.  Typically, these individuals have experienced considerable adversity and traumatic experiences in their lives. We specialize in treating individuals who have not responded to treatment services elsewhere. The primary focus of Becket’s NH Adult ITS Programs is in fostering the clients’ ability to become autonomous, competent, and connected with others across all areas of their functioning. 

We currently operate six ITS programs in NH each with a special focus.  


  • Madison, NH 

  • Conway, NH t

  • Bethlehem, NH 

  • Milton NH

  • Madison NH

The overarching goals of Becket

Adult Staffed Residential Programs include:

  • Providing residents with a safe, home-like, living environment

  • Ensuring the safety of residents and the community by utilizing a holistic, comprehensive, in-house approach to service delivery

  • Creating innovative and genuine opportunities for residents to participate fully and meaningfully in their communities by focusing on personal goals, interests, and hobbies

  • Promoting each resident’s right to self-determination and self-advocacy

  • Enhancing and improving each resident’s acquisition of skills through comprehensive assessments; personal goal development, and consistent implementation of Individual Service Plans. 

  • Using strategies that lead clients toward greater independence and autonomy, and reduce their reliance on supports and services 

  • Assisting individuals in navigating their lives in a way that helps them achieve and exceed their personal dreams and goals

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