Vermont Permanency Initiative 


VPI is committed to providing individualized comprehensive services to adolescents & families who often have experienced complex developmental trauma. VPI has grown to support three programs, VPI South, Vermont Assessment Center at Newbury, and Vermont Support & Stabilization Center. 


VPI South, an all-girls intensive residential treatment program, provides support for students that, in response to their life experiences, can present with a constellation of adaptive mechanisms that have become distressing symptoms. These symptoms often present as self-harm, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, aggression, suicidality, as well as disordered eating. We believe the students who come to us deserve a safe and secure environment where they can find hope and healing. To learn more about VPI South click the link below.


The Vermont Assessment Center at Newbury (VACN) is a staff-secure, short-term treatment program providing Comprehensive Assessment & Stabilization services to support adolescents, families, and community stakeholders.  The VACN provides up to 8 assessment beds, 2 of which can be utilized for stabilization beds, to serve male youth ages 11 to 17 who are identified by the Central Review Committee (CRC) as requiring an assessment to determine treatment needs. To learn more about VACN click the link below.


Vermont Support & Stabilization (VTSS) is a state-wide, community-based service model that provides various services for Vermont youth and family systems in a 90-day program. As a state-wide program VTSS operates in Regional Teams, with each Team providing services for multiple Vermont DCF Offices. To learn more about VTSS click the link below.